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About us

We want to surprise you, make you smile and enjoy every moment. Whether you light a candle to relax after a long day of work or to celebrate a special occasion, we strive to create the perfect fragrance experience. We have a wide range of handmade scented candles. All made in our own candle shop.


What's in the name?

'Sonder' is the realization that each person you meet has their own life, that each person has their own world with their own personal aspirations, worries, pain, happiness, etc.


We believe that every individual has a unique story and at Scent of Sonder we want to capture those stories in a fragrance. Whether it's about reliving a beautiful holiday destination, a beautiful memory of a loved one or creating a soothing environment to relax. We have different scents that suit different preferences, so that everyone can express their own personality.


The ladies behind Scent of Sonder!

Valerie, Hannah and Fenna. Three women, each carrying a unique tale of their own. However, they shared a common passion—a profound love for fragrance, a thirst for adventure, and an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit. Their lives were a tapestry woven with travels, as they ventured across the globe as flight attendants, embraced the wonders of living abroad, embarked on captivating sailing journeys, and eventually returned to their home country, the Netherlands, only to set off on new expeditions once again. Fragrance became their gateway to revisiting those cherished moments, allowing them to relive the beauty and excitement they had experienced. In the midst of their occasionally tumultuous lives, fragrance served as a soothing balm, offering solace and tranquility.



We strive to combine our passion for fragrance with a sustainable approach. That's why we use vegetable rapeseed wax for our candles, sourced locally in Europe to reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, we strive to use packaging that respects the environment. With this we want to make a positive contribution to our planet.


Would you like to stay updated on the latest news and developments from our company? Follow our journey on the @scentofsonder platforms to stay in the loop.


It's nice to meet you!

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