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Why should you go for a plant-based wax candle?


Rapeseed wax is becoming more popular due to the fact that it is eco-friendly. Even more than the American counterpart; Soy wax. 

Rapeseed is a yellow flowering plant. It is most familiar in the UK, France and Germany. There it covers large surfaces of agricultural land during spring and summer months (which is great for the bees)

But also in the Netherlands (where we live) you’ll see rapeseed fields during summer.

Why more should you go for rapeseed wax candles?

  • Low carbon footprint (grown in Europe)

  • Gives a good clean smoke and soot-free burn

  • It helps the bees, they love the nectar that rapeseed flowers produce

  • It is sustainable

  • It protects our soil

  • Throws fragrance well

  • Not used for animal testing

  • 100% vegetable and non-toxic

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